Tuition – All tuition amounts are due on the Friday prior to the following week’s classes. If received after 6 pm. on that Monday there is a $15 late fee.  Please note that there will not be a reduction in the tuition amount for days the school is closed due to inclement weather, holidays, or for non-attendance.  There is a $30 service charge for all returned checks, and a late charge of $15 per every 15 minutes a child is late being picked up.  A two week notice must be given prior to withdrawing a child from our center.  Parents will be liable for two weeks tuition if notice is not given before their child is withdrawn.  Tuition amounts will increase each year in January.

Discipline Policy – Positive discipline techniques are practiced at our centers. Occasionally, time out strategies are used when a child needs to gain self-control away from the rest of the group.  Corporal or physical punishment, or group discipline are discipline techniques which are not practiced at our centers.

Secured Access – The building is always locked in order to maintain the safest environment for your child.  Parents are given the security code needed for building access during operating hours.

Your Child’s Supplies Parents are responsible for providing any items their child may need for comfort throughout the day.  These items include sheets, blankets, changes of clothing, diapers, wipes, and bottles or cups.